Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions govern the set of rules that customers abide by while accessing our website www.dynamictechies.com . While surfing the website the customer is legally accepting these terms and conditions and is bound under an agreement with www.dynamictechies.com . Kindly read and accept these terms & conditions before accessing the site.

Intellectual Property Rights

The website is protected by the copyright policy and thus all the content (text, logos, images, so on) are governed under the intellectual property right. Copyright and intellectual property rights in this content are owned by Online IT Support Service or its licensed partners. No data can be altered, republished, copied or transmitted without taking a prior permission from the company.

The Services

The client accepts that for the first 30 days from the commencement of the services the company requires time to procure material (if any required) and understand the client system before being able to successfully provide services.  The company is liable to provide corrective maintenance for all kind of faulty equipments and also includes any kind of repair required by the material. An engineer will attend to any such complaint for any part that is specified in the agreement within a stipulated time period.

If services are required for any other service that is not mentioned in the schedule then the company will charge separately for the services provided for all such kind of services. The company warrants that the services are provided from qualified engineers and full care is taken while handling any kind of service issue.

Charges & Payments

Once the agreement is signed the client is liable to make the payments to the company as per the payment schedules specified in the agreement. If the client is unable to make payments as per the schedule then interest would be charged on the same.

The hourly rates are subject to change and a prior notification of any such change will be sent to the customer. If the customer has any objection with the notified rates then they need to raise their concerns within 7 days of the notification. If no objection is received within 7 days then the company presumes that the client accepts the revised rates and will be charged accordingly. On non-payment of the dues the company has the right to suspend the services to the client. The services will only be resumed when the dues are cleared.

Services requested for any other material that is not covered in the agreement will be charged separately and the client needs to make the payment of the same separately.

Accepted Methods of Payment

The payments can be made using any of the account option or any other option mentioned in the agreement. Once an agreement is signed the client has to comply with the payments schedule in order to receive services. The payment schedules are clearly mentioned in the service level agreement.  The client can make payment using any of the paypal option like Visa, Maestro/MasterCard, American Express, etc. Internet banking option is also available for making the payments.

Information You Provide to Us

Dynamic Techies warrants that the information provided to us by the client is secure and safe. At no time of the services the data is distributed or used for any unauthorized activity. The client details are at all the time secure and the confidentiality of the data is maintained. The company complies with the confidentiality policy of the client.

Force Majeure

The company is not liable for any supply or service of any kind of damage caused due to theft, war, fire, strikes, or any other such human disturbances or natural disturbances (like earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, etc.). All such consequences are the responsibility of the client and do not comply with the service level agreement.

Security & Fraud

Dynamic Techies and the client both comply with the applicable laws and will not tolerate any attempts to damage the services or support by fraudulent means. If any fraudulent means are detected then the matter is immediately reported to the concerned authorities.